Rodent Control Coldwater, MS

Bugs Don't Stand a Chance Against Our Exterminators

Keep pests away for good with monthly pest control services

Your business is your livelihood. You can't afford to let a pest invasion harm your reputation and put the safety of your customers and employees at risk. At Stroupe Pest Control Company, LLC, we know the best offense is a solid defense. Our monthly pest control services will prevent bugs and rodents from taking over your property.

Our team will provide ongoing support to keep rodents, roaches, ants and spiders away from your business. We'll set baited traps and seal any cracks or holes to maintain complete protection.

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What are the dangers of rodent infestations?

While one tiny mouse might not seem like a big deal at first, there are almost certainly more on your property. Schedule our monthly rodent control services to avoid:

Urine and feces throughout your home or business
Chewed up insulation and carpentry
Electrical fires caused by rodents destroying wires

Reach out to us today to start taking preventive action against pest infestations.