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Don't Let Fleas Overrun Your House

Call a professional flea exterminator for help

Fleas are one of the most stubborn home invaders. By the time you realize you have a problem, they can be fully established in your home. It might feel impossible to get rid of them, but Stroupe Pest Control Company, LLC can help.

Our flea exterminator will examine your home to find out how serious the infestation is. We'll explain your options and work with you to create a solution to your flea problem. Once the infestation is eliminated, you can schedule recurring flea control services to make sure the problem doesn't come back.

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Let the experts take care of your infestation

Once fleas infest your home, they can leave eggs and larva virtually anywhere. DIY solutions rarely treat every life stage, so you'll end up with more fleas down the road. Stroupe Pest Control Company will thoroughly treat your home to make sure the problem is dealt with.

We treat...

  • Carpets
  • Curtains
  • Bedding
  • Furniture
Fleas can attach themselves to nearly any soft fabric. We'll make sure your house is treated properly so you can live free of fleas.

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